Bringing you customized wellness, wherever you are.


We are a company that brings fitness and wellness to your gym, your conference room, your living room or your neighborhood park, depending on your needs, your budget and your goals. We are different from corporate, cookie-cutter wellness programs because we are driven by relationships, not profit. And we believe in people, not formulas. That means that every program we design is as different as the people involved. Our mission is to personally meet clients where they are, whatever shape they’re in and bring them what they need to succeed. Sometimes it’s towel service and sometimes it’s a kick in the butt, but it’s always personal. 

The perfect team to meet your needs. 

Our team members are our most valuable asset, so it makes sense that our standards for qualifications, integrity and interpersonal skills are the highest in the industry. We aim to match our high expectations with a level of trust, autonomy and compensation that make you want to stay with us and build a career. We are always looking for self-motivated and entrepreneurial individuals who are seeking a great work lifestyle.  If you are interested in joining the BeneFitness team, please fill out the form below and email your resume to